During our last exhibition, many innovations in different fields were presented by exhibitors and partners.


AQUAVITEX / AQUAVIDIS                                    

Activity : AQUAVITEX offers its new range of professional protective equipment. Jackets-overalls-waders and dry waders.

New Product / Innovation : New range of protective equipment with its unique AQUA-RS fabric. A new jacket and new AQUAVITEX bib, lighter and even more resistant with many exclusive technical innovations, new double-layer PVC waders, new ultra-comfortable aprons and new AQUAVITEX neoprene waders, also with an exclusive design ! Latest innovation equally exclusive, we will present a new cooncept for drying waders, thigh boots and boots in stainless steel specifically developed for aquaculture ! 



Activity : We are importers of compact multiservice loaders (22 models and more than 190 accessories) with an innovative design.

New Product / Innovation : Avant series 800


AXXEL MANUTENTION                                                              

Activity : AXXEL MANUTENTION's organisation enables us to meet customer expectations by providing advice and the availability of various handling machines, trade, maintenance, reactive know-how, enabling us to offer you a quality service.

New Product / Innovation : MPLT630 Cabin



BREIZHCREA SARL                                                          

Activity : Producer of oyster hooks. Oyster and shellfish plates and dishes.

New Product / Innovation : V4 hooks and new marketing supports for the sale of oysters to take away. New tasting plates.


CNG EMBALLAGES                                                                    

Activity : With 25 years of experience in the manufacture of plastic mesh, CNG innovates and develops its ranges for aquaculture and industry : Oyster bags (standard and crate) and for shellfish farming, mechanical protection sheaths, spacers.

 New Product/ Innovation : New welded 700gr bag - 6 folds new version for the new turnkey self-turning bag.



COCCI LUCIANO SRL                                                       

Activity : Manufacturer of equipment for shellfish farming, processing and automatic packaging.

New Product / Innovation :  Star stirrup, net loader, mussel cleaner.




Activity : Oyster bags, oyster collection frames, heat-opened cups, clothing, oyster supplies, packaging.

New Product / Innovation : Breizhook V4 plastic hooks, CP packaging with customer logo.


ETIQ NORMANDIE                                                                        

Activity : Etiq Normandie is a local company established for 23 years in Lessay (50). It specializes in printing labels from 0 to 6 colours on any support. Also markets thermal and thermal transfer printers. For more than a year now, we have also been equipped to print small and medium series of packaging.

New Product / Innovation :   Customized cardboard cover small and medium series.


ETS DUC SARL                                                                                            

Activity : Manufacturer and distributor of oyster farming equipment and tables.

New Product / Innovation : Removable oyster table (subject to availability), new zip bag.



EUREKA MER                                                                                    

Activity : Marine ressources and cultures research firm. Websites : and

New Product / Innovation : OYSTERTRACKER software, monitoring and management of shellfish farms.



Activity : Corporate and Workwear garment Manufacturer

New Product / Innovation : Primaloft Jacket



HEXCYL SYSTEMS – GAEL GUEGEN                                                     

Activity : Australian bags for shellfish farming

New Product / Innovation :  FlipFarm System : maximum efficiency at all stages of oyster production.



INDUSTRIAL PLANKTON                                                          

Activity : Industrial Plankton designs and builds turnkey bioreactors in Canada for clean, on-site, live plankton production for feed and other aquaculture uses. Our technology is optimized for reliability, ease of use, and biosecurity and our customers span the globe covering many industries, including aquaculture, research and biotechnology.

New Product / Innovation : Our equipment is highly automated, increasing reliability and saving operations countless hours. The result is trustworthy and reliable equipment.



Activity : At JJ Chicolino we are dedicated manufacturing products for the mussel and shellfish farming sectors in general. Shellfish farming is at the origin of our company, with the widest range of products on the market and extensive international coverage. Mussel farming in particular is one of our specialities. Working with producers from the start the project to supply the necessary components to build a production system, (floating structures, anchoring assembly ect.), to the production of the mould with our supplies for growing, packaging in extruded bags and transport.

New Product / Innovation : Floats, catenary nets etc.



FISH FARMING                                                                               

Activity : STEB represents the profession of fish farmers in Brittany. Its mission is to accompany its professional members in their technical innovations, to represent the sector at local and national level and to act as the main contact with the associated government departments.

New Product / Innovation : 1st exhibition of the Syndicat de la Truite d'Elevage de Bretagne.


MIADI- GROUPE ADINFO                                                                     

Activity : Complete ERP solution for the management of your Shellfish farming business. Functions : Orders, Delivery notes, Invoices, Labels, Boxes, Statistics, Stock, Traceability

New Product / Innovation :  Full Web ERP solution accessible from the office as well as from home.



 PASCAL BLANC PREVOYANCE                                                            

Activity : Specialist in the social protection of self-employed workers and more particularly Enim affiliates such as shellfish farmers and fishermen. Customer-focused approach and advice.

New Product / Innovation : A mutual insurance company dedicated to shellfish farmers with a mutualised tariff for the profession (identical tariff regardless of the age of the farmer.)





NODUS FACTORY                                       

Innovation : Design and manufacture of textile fasteners for oyster bags and baskets !




Innovation : Well-being of our bodies and of the planet : launch of a new natural, eco-responsible, innovative and fun cosmetic range made from oyster shells - Come and discover Perlucine !



 Activity : Ecology Environment and Waste Management

Innovation : Transformation of oyster and shellfish shells into a new material : KAOMER, ceramics and porcelain of the sea.


Innovation : Seaducer, an innovative oyster farming company, presents the roll'oyster, equipment that dewaters and rolls your oysters raised on oyster beds to obtain exceptional product quality while making the work easier.




Activity : Specialist in composite materials for the design and manufacture of equipment for marine cultures, fish farming and water treatment.

New Product / Innovation : Purification station for shellfish. New sieve tube meshes.




Activity : SEAPA is an innovative company that has been developing efficient oyster farming systems for more than 20 years. SEAPA works with oyster farmers from all over the world to develop the profession and allow professionals to improve their growing techniques with the aim of producing a quality oyster with limited handling.

New Product / Innovation : Floating system for spat growth, traditional self-variating bags, innovative solutions for growing on oyster lines.



Activity : Oyster farming services and maintenance.

New Product / Innovation : Bottom grating by electrical recycling.



Activity : Company founded in 1974, specialist in individual protection. PPE equipment distributor.

New Product / Innovation : Protective aprons for waders, a first on the market, and bib aprons.



USINE DE KERVELLERIN                                                                          

Activity : For nearly 15 years, from shells (unused) from Brittany, Usine de Kervellerin is specialized in the design and manufacture of products for agriculture, nutrition, cosmetics and industry.

New Product / innovation : marine ingredients